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Roses Pro Cleaning Las VegasRoses Pro Cleaning Las Vegas has become the premier office cleaning company. Serving offices, high rise condominiums, construction clean-up and everything commercial, we are ready to serve you.

Cleaning Resolutions in 2020

  1. Keeping Your Office Clean – A clean office is a happy and healthy office. At Roses we specialize in office cleaning. With a specially trained crew, we clean offices from large to small including multi location businesses. All we need to work out is the scheduled days you need.
  2. Construction Clean-Up – Before the final occupation of your building occurs, we come in and give it the perfect once over. We’ll clean every window, bathroom, floor and wall required. It takes a special company to understand how to complete this task. Roses Pro Cleaning knows.
  3. High Rise Condominiums – When dealing with high rise buildings, there are many areas that need to be cleaned. Keeping the common area restrooms, tile floors, elevators and carpet clean is what we do. When your tenants and visitors walk through an area cleaned by Roses, they’ll understand the difference. If you have a high rise project that needs to be cleaned, Roses is the company to call.
  4. Office Buildings – If you have an office building with large common areas and public restrooms, Roses is the best cleaning option. Your tenants rely on the best first impression for their clients and employees. Much like we will keep their offices clean, the common areas are just as important. As an owner or management company, call Roses for an estimate.
  5. Gyms and Workout Facilities – As a long time Las Vegas cleaning company, we have cleaned almost every major brand name in the gym industry. We know that clean floors and equipment are essential for the health and wellness of your clients. Our process and quality are what keeps our clients coming back. When you have a gym in need of cleaning, call Roses.

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