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Floor Cleaning Las Vegas

Floor cleaning Las Vegas is a growing business. With existing and under construction commercial properties, the market shows no signs of slowing down. At Roses Professional Cleaning, we specialize in commercial floor cleaning Las Vegas. Using the best cleaning equipment available, we service Las Vegas, Henderson, Summerlin and all of Clark County, Nevada. Commercial Floor Cleaning Firstly, when Roses looks after them, floors look better and last longer. Our commercial floor cleaning services include hard floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, and cleaning services for specialty flooring. Whether you’re looking for day-to-day …

Construction Site Clean

Commercial Cleaning Las Vegas

Construction site clean-up is a dirty job. As one of the last crews to visit the site, we take pride in preparing a property for owners and tenants to be proud of. As a full service commercial cleaning company, we work directly with construction companies ensuring every detail is covered. For projects small to large, the Roses team is always ready to spring into action. Construction clean-up can include the removal of all debris from inside a project. It also includes the washing of all windows, floor cleaning and a …

How Outdoor Professional Cleaning Is Not Landscaping

When you order cleaning services for your business, the term cleaning can be vague.  After all, if something on your property is dirty and you hire someone to clean it, isn’t that all you need to do?  Despite this presumption, there are two main categories of professional cleaners for hire: landscapers and professional cleaners that focus on businesses and not residential cleaning. What landscapers clean Today’s landscaper goes beyond your typical plant, shrub, and tree groomer.  This can make things confusing for business owners when it comes to getting cleaning …

Prevent Office Cold and Flu Season with Cleaning

When your employees start calling in sick for cold and flu season, you may wonder if there is a way to prevent as many call-ins as possible.  The hacking and sneezing throughout your company’s offices may not grind to a halt completely, but there are ways to keep the sniffles at bay with proper office cleaning.  With techniques we have specially developed for combatting germs in an office environment, we are a step ahead of other professional cleaning companies.  To get a better idea of what you should expect, take …

Defining High-End Business Cleaning for Yoga Studios and Realtors

If your business presentation is a reflection of you as a business owner, you want the cleanest environment possible for your customers to experience.  When you own a yoga studio or realty company, this need to have a clean image is especially true.  At Roses Professional Cleaning, we are dedicated to delivering a team of trained professionals that have exception customer service and the cleaning skills to make your business glow.  This includes cleaning the employee areas, pressure washing the parking lots or sidewalks, deep carpet cleaning, buffing the floors …

Differences Between Manufacturing Plant Cleaning and Housekeeping

Choosing cleaning services for a manufacturing plant varies greatly from typical housekeeping.  Even at the retail level, there are certain aspects to cleaning a manufacturing plant that will mean specialized knowledge and specific types of equipment need to be utilized.  When you are considering services for industrial and manufacturing facilities, give Roses Professional Cleaning a call.  We are happy to help you with any questions you may have, and you will find that we have the experience and reliability you need. Some of the areas that we focus on in …

10 Areas for Fitness Business Cleaning

When you own a fitness business, there are more areas that need to be cleaned in unique ways than with other types of businesses.  For instance, most businesses just need to the floors vacuumed and the windows washed a few times a week. On the other hand, a fitness business has more than 10 areas that are unique to the gym industry that need a cleaning service that can address them correctly and as often as needed.  When you need professional fitness business cleaning, call Roses Professional Cleaning today. 1. …

No Staff!  Doctor’s Offices Use Cleaning Crews Only

Are you having a difficult time figuring out whether or not you should hire a cleaning crew for your Las Vegas doctors office? One of the most important things you can do for your private practice doctor’s office is avoiding using your own staff for cleaning.  In fact, there are three basic reasons that this style works to your advantage. Third-party contractors help avoid lawsuits No one likes to admit that it can happen to them, but sometimes a doctor is sued because of their facilities. For example, a patient …

Clubs and Golf Courses Need High-End Cleaning Services

Are you a unique venue, club or golf course that has indoor and outdoor cleaning needs?  When you have these types of facilities, you need highly-trained cleaning staff that keep the place looking high-class.  On the other hand, finding high-end cleaning services that can address these types of commercial businesses can be a challenge.  This is especially true if you have heavier, physical jobs that still need a delicate touch. Regardless of your ability to hire the perfect cleaners in the past, if you are looking for superior cleaning services …

Why Hire Janitorial Businesses for Construction Sites?

Do you need a janitorial crew for your construction site that has experience beyond office cleaning?  When people think of janitors, they usually associate them with commercial spaces like office buildings, hospitals and venues.  However, the janitorial industry finds itself in any space that needs professional knowledge that goes along with keeping surgical areas sterile, biological hazardous garbage removal, and cleaning construction-related areas. There are specific tasks that only construction sites provide, and at Roses Professional Cleaning, we are ready to meet your expectations.  Each construction project is unique, and …